Your Server with best Hardware

You ask yourself if we really have only good hardware? Sure we do. We also guarantee this. Here is a small overview:

SSD Memory

No matter which server you choose, all of our servers are equipped with SSD only or NVMe SSD as well.

Resources division?

Hardly with us. Except for maybe the game servers, you don't share any other resources with others. Will you notice this? No. It will hardly be noticeable.

Our hosting and license offers

You get here a small overview of what we offer everything. So you can choose what you need and want.


You always wanted your own website, and are looking for a suitable offer? Here you can create and design your own website. 

KVM Server

You want a server for large or small projects? We offer packages as well as a configurator. Here we guarantee you 100% best hardware. You can also find this under “Our technology”.

Minecraft server

You want to play with your friends or your community? Then we have just the thing for you. Create your own world and let your creativity run wild


You need a game server? We have them. You can choose between BeamNG, Garry’s Mod and many more.

Plesk License

You own Plesk, but you don’t have a license? We offer licenses from 10€. You can choose between WebAdmin, WebPro and WebHost.


No domain yet, but you already have a name in mind? Then you can order it directly here

Find your domain

Find your domain. If this is free you can click on Domain Shop

  • .com € 12.80
  • .de € 4.80
  • .net € 14.90
  • .eu € 6.00
  • .org € 15.00
  • .store € 61.00
  • .shop € 37.00
  • .tv € 37.00
Our data centers

Here you can find our data centers, where our servers are currently located.